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Susannah Hunter started in 2000 with the launch of her first collection of handmade floral leather applique handbags and accessories. In 2005 she expanded into bespoke furnishing which included ottomans screens armchairs cushions, headboards and church chairs. She now has a london based boutique and atelier and the collections sell in exclusives stores world wide. Everything is still handmade in her london studio!

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Our aubergine split-suede rose handbags were a massive hit in our AW13 collection! The contrast of the aubergine leathers makes it a timeless piece. Our handbags and furnishings are all handmade in our Bloomsbury studio. The overnight bag above is perfect to carry everything and that little bit more a woman needs space for! We have a slightly smaller Tanza size left in our store so pop down to 84 Lambs Conduit Street, WC1N 3LR and buy it before someone else beats you to it...

Friday, 23 May 2014


Everything we create from handbags to furnishings even our accessories are handmade in the studio below my boutique in Bloomsbury. I have a highly skilled, beautiful group of women who create all my designs including the leather boards behind us in this picture, which depict the coastal line of cape cod. As of next week I will be re-interviewing my ladies (not for their jobs this time) and posting it on my blog. You'll see what is special about my team and why they are so important to my art.

Black taxis get a Massachusetts makeover

Massachusetts black taxi's outside our boutique this morning for a mini photo-shoot to promote our Massachusetts Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dune Shack Cushions

Handmade In London

Everything I design from handbags, furnishings and accessories are handmade in my London studio, which is below my boutique in Bloomsbury. The cushions we made for the dune shack for this year's Chelsea Flower Show have been a huge hit. Each one was inspired by Provincetown. 

We have a bespoke service with furnishings, you can choose any colour leather from our shop in Bloomsbury and we will design your favourite floral arrangement to take home with you. You can see more examples of our work at this link

Dame Jacqueline Wilson

We had a lovely visitor on the Massachusetts Garden at yesterdays Chelsea Flower Show. Children's book author Dame Jacqueline Wilson, best known for her Tracey Beaker series stopped for a quick chat. This year will see the author publish her 100th book. We were delighted to hear that she had actually visited Cape Cod and loved it as much as we did. The garden impressed her as she 'felt like' she was in Provincetown.

Massachusetts Garden Plant List

Read why the plant list for the Massachusetts Garden was the hardest Dave Root of Kelways has ever had to source. Full interview by Sarah Cosgrove at Horticulture Week click here

Virginia Baites

Virgnia Baites at the Chelsea Flower Show press day chilling on the Massachusetts Garden with Sir Peter Blake and myself with one of the leather handbags I designed for her. You can find similar bags at

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Massachusetts Garden Silver Medal at Chelsea Flower Show 2014

We are proud to announce


This year's Chelsea Flower Show saw myself and Catherine MacDonald of Landform create a Cape Cod inspired garden. We came together to design and bring a holiday retreat to the city of London. To capture the natural beauty of the wild coastline of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and bring it to the City of London was by no means easy.  

When our sponsors - Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism - showed us around Cape Cod we instantly fell in love. The beauty of the sand dunes, the sand plains of the Cape Cod coast line, grasslands and the dune shacks captured our imaginations. 

My line of work involves careful observation of nature and, through my leather appliqué style, encapsulates this beauty to furnishings and handbags. The leather panels we created act as a theatrical backdrop to the garden, one wall capturing the coastal scene. The other wall displays the hydrangeas which are a cultivated plant and not grown this time of year. 

Catherine's delicate style of planting brought life to the sand dunes with plants such as the American sea grass and Lupinus commonly seen in North America. Julian Hunter, our architect on the garden, built the dune shack bringing an important element of history and creativity from America. 

We paid a huge amount of attention to detail. Our sky banner is made up of photographs taken by William De Sousa-Mauk an aspiring photographer from Cape Cod. He spent a great deal of time capturing my vision of the sky as it was so important to us to make it as authentic as possible. To maintain this we also decorated the dune shack with genuine Cape Cod lobster buoys. 

The seats in the dune shack have quotations from 'The Outermost House' laser etched into them. Julian the architect found them to be inspiring throughout his time designing the Massachusetts garden.

Press day was loads of fun. We tried to blog throughout the day so we could let our readers take the trip with us. We had so many visitors. The sun was shining and everyone felt like they were on holiday. Virginia and Daisy Bates came along to celebrate the garden and show their support. Daisy was captured in this shot and we loved it so much we had to post it.

Sir Peter Blake and Lady Blake also stopped by to support the Massachusetts garden. This year the sponsors and designers have decided to donate the shack to Kids Company Sir Peter Blake and myself are huge supporters of the charity who support vulnerable inner-city kids. Last year we donated the plants to the charity from our silver gilt garden, and this year we have decided the dune shack structure should continue to be used by the kids of London. The children got to ask Sir Peter Blake questions and advice on pop art and then sit in the serenity of the shack with the Godfather of British Pop Art and sketch away. 

US Ambassador Matthew Barzun and his lovely wife Brooke come to the garden to meet us and see the garden for himself. We were so honoured that he came to visit the garden personally. You can see the excitement in our faces. 

And to all you Sherlock Holmes fans and Benedict Cumberbatch fans, we had the lovely actor visit our garden with his beautiful mother Wanda. He was very complimentary on the Massachusetts garden. Benedict looked stylish and was super friendly. We can see why Anna Wintour gave him the thumbs up as the best dressed male at the Met ball 2014! 

We had so many splendid visitors. Obviously seeing her Majesty the Queen was a breathtaking moment for us all. Princess Beatrice visiting the garden and complimenting the planting and the leather panels left us all giddy and so proud. Princess Beatrice looked stunning in her white floaty dress. The Duchess of Gloucester stopped at the garden and took time to appreciate our work which made it the perfect end to such a beautiful day. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Accessorising at Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Our oversized leather floral clutch bags are a perfect touch to any outfit, you can pop into 84 Lambs Conduit Street WC1N 3LR and see the collection in store or order online here
Remember everything is handmade in London...

Demi who works in our studio with her Susannah Hunter oversized clutch, you can buy it here 

Benedict Cumberbatch meets the US Ambassador at Cape Cod London...

What a lovely gathering

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch meets the US Ambassador whilst Sir Peter Blake looks on from  the dune shack on our Massachusetts garden. We have had such lovely feedback from everyone we can't wait for the public to see it this week

Celeb spotting on the garden

Our day just got better, the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch visited our Cape Cod inspired Massachusetts Garden

Virginia and Daisy Bates visit Massachusetts Garden

Virginia Bates and myself have spotted the cameras in this picture whilst Lady Blake and Daisy Bates are engrossed in conversation. I must say all the ladies are looking fabulous at the Chelsea Flower Show today. Virginia Bates is always seen carrying one of my leather applique handbags around London and I love that she has come to support my garden this year, it's always great to catch up...

Last year we donated all the plants from our award winning silver gilt garden to Kids Company. This year we have decided to donate the dune shack. Kids Company is a charity,  which helps vulnerable and traumatised children. We arranged for two of the children to visit Chelsea Flower Show and relax at the Massachusetts garden. The kids will be drawing the surrounding area with some art tips from the expert Sir Peter Blake. You can get help out by volunteering your time and becoming a kids company angel on their website click here

First Visitor

English pop artist Sir Peter Blake is on our Massachusetts Garden reading the outermost house. Not many people know that the book by naturalist writer Henry Beston was a big inspiration to me and the architect Julian Hunter whilst designing the garden and the dune shack. 

Massachusetts Garden for Chelsea Flower Show 2014... Live Update

Press Day Live Coverage 

We are blogging live from the Chelsea Flower Show, here is the most recent picture of our garden, the judges are on our garden as we type. You can see the leather panels in this picture that make up a stunning Cape Cod backdrop.